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Casino Glossary:

Royal flush (English royal flush - "royal suit") - the highest combination of cards found in poker, consists of 5 senior (ace, king, queen, jack, ten) cards of the same suit. Pays 100 to 1. Royal win

“Yes, diamonds and those… what did you call them?” - a young man, healthy as a bear,

under two meters tall, casually waved a heavy hand, the size of a sledgehammer.

Our closet in the "party" is definitely narrower than the shoulders of this Rimbaud. I leaned back so he wouldn't inadvertently hit me. Who said poker is not a traumatic game?

- ... and sapphires, - the old man added condescendingly and drummed his fingers in a mannered manner

with a neat manicure on the mother-of-pearl buttons of a sunny orange vest, like an overripe orange. Starched snow-white cuffs, gold cufflinks with emeralds, shoes polished to a mirror shine, and trousers with arrows like a knife blade - it seemed that an elderly dandy stepped out of the window of a fashion boutique in the center of Milan. Such a sleek parrot, in which all the feathers are cleaned and re-cleaned and chin-chin folded to each other, according to the latest trends of Vogue magazine.


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